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Biostruction (Energy Engineering) company is the continuity of multi-year involvement of its shareholders and executives in the sectors of energy and construction.

We are operating across the full electromechanical applications range, specializing in renewable energy sources, having as a our main business the study, licensing, financing, construction and interconnection Renewable Energy Sources projects in residential, industrial rooftops, fields as well as every possible point of application. We also specialize in demanding geothermal, solar thermal, heating, cooling, water supply and wastewater treatment installations.

The solutions we provide include the technical and economic design / study, its construction and supervision thereof, as well as proper maintenance and good operation of the facilities ensurance. With a network of associates, we work throughout the Greek territory, with close monitoring of all of the implementation and operation.

Our collaborations with the best known manufacturing industries and manufacturers worldwide, enabling us to design systems using the best and most reliable products, thus preserving the best performance / price ratio.

Our highly trained and qualified personnel can guarantee the most efficient and economical coverage of each client’s needs. Our experience in projects of all sectors of our involvement makes us one of the most reliable solutions in the construction and energy sectors.


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