Nettenergy Company

Nettenergy is a Dutch company that, designs and manufactures innovative mechanical applications in the field of conservation and natural resource management.

The Founder and his scientific team have extensive experience in management of natural resources (oil companies, etc.), as well as in research and manufacture of innovative mechanical applications using alternative practices to produce useful materials and chemicals.

Nettenergy has to resume a series of distinctions (Dutch and European) which has gained as a result of design, development and manufacturing of innovative and functional machines that provide reliable and efficient solutions to a very wide range of agricultural and industrial activities.

The company is in business of designing and construction of mobile pyrolysis plant. The MBP woody processes which may come from a very wide range of starting material, and produces :

⚫Wood vinegar
⚫Bio char 

In specific quotas. These materials have many applications in agricultural production, agricultural processing, energy production, and manufacturing industries.

Biostruction after long research agreed with Nettenergy cooperation for MBP (mobile Pyrolysis Plant) in the geographical area of our activity.




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