Engineering Licensing

Biostruction offers an expanded number of specialized partners in the fields of engineering, environment, and economy with vast experience in their occupation areas.

The machinery we have is always on the cutting edge of technology covering all needs for complete and immediate results in communication, research, study and designany necessary construction and operation of household, commercial, tourist, and industrial facilities.

Our constantly updated on developments (legislative and technical) enables us to offer reliable, fast and economical solutions for construction projects and plans as for a wide range of legal licensing requirements.

The studies that we can offer are:
⚫Domestic Construction
⚫Industrial Engineering
⚫Energy Savings Studies
⚫Design production and exploitation of energy sources.
⚫Environmental impact of all categories

The law permits we can offer are:
⚫Operating Licences for artisanal and industrial installations
⚫Licences tourist facilities
⚫Planning permits all categories

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