Letter of association of photovoltaic energy producers to the Ministry of Environment and Energy

November 25, 2019
 ΣΠΕΦ : Immediately abolish the priority of Energy Communities in issuing Administrator Connection Terms. The regulation that gives Energy Communities priority access to the technically-finite electricity space of the electricity grids is crucial for the realization or not of other RES investments by individuals and should be abolished.
This is pointed out in a lengthy letter to the Ministry of Energy, by the Association of Photovoltaic Energy Producers, developing its arguments.
The Association mainly requests:
1.  The immediate and complete abolition of the priority in the issuance of the EC Terms of Association offers hereafter. speculative in the production and sale of electricity from RES of any size and class.
2.  The abolition of the priority of the European Communities. speculative for the generation and sale of RES electricity in RAE licensing and in particular environmental licensing within areas with limited RES investment potential.
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